„bö“ – that’s a gust of wind that sets everything in motion, letting you experience how the world around you begins to whirl and fly while time stands still for a short moment.

„ela, that is acrobatics and theatre inviting you to be amazed and laugh – it is us, Anne and Mitja.


We have met at a circus project in Italy in 2012 and immediately enjoyed training and working together, for example at the artist group „Das Spielvolk“ in Austria, the „Circo Zuzzurulloni“ in Italy or as a street performance duo.

In 2013 we moved to Spain to complete a two-year partner acrobatics and theater training program at the circus and theater school CAU in Granada. During summer 2015, we performed at various international street art festivals as “Anne&Mitja”.

Furthermore, we both work as circus trainers, for example we have worked at the associations „Circus Waldoni“ in Darmstadt, „Cabuwazi“ in Berlin and „Animativa“ in Meran.