The board is set, the clock is ticking, the game begins: In the flair of a silent movie, the show „Schachmatt“ (checkmate) takes the audience into the world of a chess match, which gets out of hand in an amusing yet poetic way. Starting with the precision of an accurate chess player, the party evolves into an artistic chase with chess figures awakening to life, the chess board growing to an enormous size, while amidst this chaos the chess player desperately attempts to stay in control over his whirling opponent with her tricks and stunts.

The choreography consists of stunning hand-to-hand acrobatics and hilarious slapstick theater, including jumping, climbing, balancing and the artists catapulting each other into the air. The show „Schachmatt“ won several international prices and is a piece suitable for all ages. It does not use language, which makes it even more exciting.

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